"Just as the water reflects the moon, the body reflects the mind & soul."  -Rumi



Individual Sessions for Adolescents and Adults in Life Coaching, Reiki or Emotional Release Treatments


$75.00 per hour

Discounted Package Pricing

(packages can be for one service or a combination of services)

6 session package $400.00

12 session package $800.00


Creating a Wellness Plan (3 hours)



This workshop consists of learning all about self-care. You will gain knowledge about energy vibrations and where you are on the emotional vibration scale. You will learn the difference between self-care and selfish, as well as ego versus soul. You will learn about the five areas of therapeutic self-care and create your own wellness plan to take with you to start implementing in your life. 

Vision Board Creating Plus (2.5 hours)


This workshop will encompass more than just creating a vision board. You will begin by creating a life satisfaction wheel to determine which areas of your life should be highlighted on your board. You will learn how to organize your visions on the board in order to get the best results. It is important to note that there is a difference between a vision board and a collage. Discussion about the law of attraction and manifesting your reality will also take place so you can discover how to utilize the board in your environment to manifest the greatest results.   

My Past, Present, & Future (6 hours - (3) 2-hours sessions)


This is powerful workshop that will help you let go of what is no longer serving you, stay present in the reality of today and move into the future with trust. You will learn how to give gratitude for your past, appreciate your present and manifest your future. This is a 3-part workshop where the first session will focus on the past, the second session will focus on the present and the final session will focus on the future. 

Meditation For Beginners (2 hours)


This workshop is for those who have never meditated and are looking to begin. It is also for those who have just begun meditating and are looking for guidance and technique. I will give you the tools you need to meditate successfully on your own, such as, breathing exercises, how to control thoughts while meditating and creative visualization.    

Choosing A Career Path (4 hours​)


This workshop is ideal for adolescents as they approach college or just graduating from high school, as well as adults wanting to make a career change. I will take you through various activities to discover who you truly are, what you have to offer, what you enjoy and what career could be the best fit for you.

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