I have come to drag you out of yourself and take you into my heart.
I have come to bring out the beauty in you, that you never knew you had.  -Rumi

Tisha Lankamp

Bachelor of Science in Psychology, BS
Master of Arts in Education, MA
Certified Life Coach, CLC
Reiki Certified Practitioner


My name is Tisha Lankamp and I am a certified life coach, teacher and energy healer. I started Synchronicity Wellness after my life experiences helped lead me to this calling; all the synchronistic events in my life led me to my life’s purpose. Through my personal childhood experiences, career changes, complex relationships, divorce and overcoming the lowest points in my life, I am a testament that all of our experiences are meant to teach, to help guide us to who we are truly meant to be and what we are truly supposed to do. 
It is through life’s challenges that we are actually given a gift; the opportunity for personal and spiritual growth.


Debbie life oach_edited.png
I have a background in psychology, social services and education. I worked in the social services field after college as I pursed a Master’s degree in Education. I went on to spend 12 years teaching at the elementary school level. After classroom teaching, I then worked briefly in the field of human resources. Throughout this time, I have continued to pursue education in relationship building, brain research and metaphysics. I have always been interested in people; helping them uncover who they truly are. That passion, coupled with my occupations, were continuing to present a powerful theme with me; an unbiased acceptance and love for people of all ages. I began to see what I was destined to do, what resonated with my soul. I wanted to help adults and youth find the love and potential that I continuously saw in each one of them. 
As I began a career in life coaching, I noticed a lot of my clients had a “block” that was keeping them from positive change. Because of these emotional blocks, even though they had a desire to change, the blocks made it extremely difficult to change. I found that this negative energy was paralyzing people from living out their desires. Thus, I began learning about energy healing. When I began helping my client’s clear negative energy as part of coaching, positive energy took over and transformations began to unfold. The clearing allowed them to align their mind, body and spirit…which led to personal healing and spiritual growth.
All my life experiences and careers were synchronistic “strips on the runway,” leading me to start…Synchronicity Wellness. It is here, now, with you, that I can truly live out my passion. I am incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to work with clients and help guide them on their journey to health and self-discovery.



As a holistic life coach, I provide support, insight and guidance as you learn to uncover who you are truly meant to be. As an energy healer, I help release negative energy that is being held within your body and re-align you with the pure positive energy of your spirit. 
My purpose is to help YOU become the best version of YOU!
No matter how desperate your current circumstance is, improving your life is always possible. Using my passion for coaching and my knowledge of psychology, mindfulness, the unconscious mind, energy and holistic health, I help each one of my clients align with a life they love.